Malcolm McAlpine is the owner and master stylist at

  Beverly Hills Color Bar.

  Things you'll hear him say:

          "I know exactly what to do..." and "Trust me..."

                                                                                ...and you can!

  With over thirty years of experience in the industry, Malcolm

  is well known as one of Beverly Hills' most talented stylists.

  He's particularly well known for being a master colorist who

  doesn't think it's cool to charge obscene Beverly Hills prices,

  and Beverly Hills Color Bar has been featured in ALLURE

  magazine numerous times as a top notch place to go for

  color and other styles without breaking the bank. 

  Malcolm fancies himself a funny character (he cracks himself

  up, and he'll crack you up, too). He loves surfing, he loves

  football, and he loves his family. He resides in Santa Monica

  with his four sweet sons.